Little Stranger

The deep roots of Mystic Vibrations began growth in Little London, Westmoreland, Jamaica and spread to the US in 1992 by Ric Williams. Our music speaks of Love, Unity, and Peace amongst all mankind; not forgetting the trials and tribulations of oppressed peoples.

Born and raised in Philly, crash landed in Charleston, Kevin and John Shields are breaking into
previously uncharted waters with their quirky indie hip-hop group, Little Stranger. Between
John’s melodic singer-songwriter magnetism, Kevin’s in-your-face delivery, and an overall
undeniable groove, this duo is sure to get any audience up and moving. Stylistically reminiscent
of Gorillaz and Odelay-era Beck, Little Stranger delivers a fresh take on melodic hip-hop. Every
track brings the uniqueness and strangeness that their name implies.

For the past few years, the duo has perfected their live performance by playing over 100 shows
per year prior to the coronavirus shutdown. The group also puts a big focus on creating
arresting visual experiences through their music videos, their own eccentric television program
(LSTV), and in-house graphics. Between their out-of-the-box creative endeavors and an
ever-increasing arsenal of new tunes, Little Stranger is poised to make 2021 another slam dunk.